CSA 2013

post by: Debbie Fields February 20, 2013

Nothing like a few warm days and we think wahoo, time to farm.  So before we get busy we want to share some of the plans for the 2013 season.  For the past several years we have had the privilege to participate in the Northern Organic Vegetable Improvement Collabrative.  It is a collabaration between university rsearchers, seed producers and vegetable farmers to pick and grow varieties of vegetable with the most desirable characteristics for our growing conditions.  We recently attended the yearly review of last season’s vegetable trials and do we have new varieties to try.  We’ll be growing a new kale that everyone agreed had the best flavor, two corn varieties that have better cold tolerance and we will be growing several varieties of spinach looking for the best flavor, cold and heat tolerance.
Julie, who helped us out last year has a project growing sweet potatoes in barrels.  No guarentee of the results but it’s what keeps farming fun and interesting for a lifetime.  My special project is to continue to select a short season dry bean.
CSA shares are now on sale.   The price of a full share will remain the same as last year at $630.  This is a large grocery bag of produce available weekly from the 2nd or 3rd week in May(weather dependant) through the last week in October and a final bag of storage vegetables the week before Thanksgiving.  By peak season a full share will have 12 to 15 items per bag.  The pick up day at the farm will be Tuesday.
We will also offer a small share this year.  The cost will be $320 for a the midsized grocery bag from mid May to the end of October with the November storage bag.  A small share will have 5 to 7 items and the pick up day will be Thursday. 
To purchase a share we need your name, address,  phone number and email along with a check.  We do accept half payment to secure your share with the second payment due by June 1st.  As soon as I receive your check I will email confirmation of your share.