By purchasing a share in our farm we become your farmer! Each week you will receive a bag of great tasting sustainable, pesticide free produce that was grown right here in your community. We offer 35 years of farming history on this land and we have the experience to choose vegetable varieties which are appropriate for our unique climate. Each week we strive to amaze you with the diversity and bounty of the produce we pick for you.

Your side of the relationship includes the money from your membership, which helps us to purchase the seeds, equipment, supplies and labor we need to get the season up and running. Our members also provide us with a consistent customer base and familiar faces we like to work for!


For the 2024 season Fields Farm is offering a 22-week CSA subscription, which includes 5-6 items per week (and sometimes more!), from late May through October.  Pickup of your CSA share will be available on Wednesday mornings by 11am at the farm on Pettigrew Rd.  Our anticipated start date is 5/22/24 (depending on weather and other factors) and goes until 10/30/24.  This is technically 24 weeks–we will be taking two weeks off from CSA harvest and pickup during this season, and those dates are TBD.

Examples of what you’ll find throughout the season, based on previous years (not a comprehensive list):
Early season (May-June): Lettuce, spinach, arugula, Asian greens, rhubarb, radishes, broccoli, carrots, bok choi, cilantro, mint, kale.
Mid season (July-August): items listed above plus potatoes, garlic scapes, beets, summer squash, bush beans, cabbage, cucumber, chard, eggplant, tomatoes, bell peppers, basil.

Late season (Sept-Oct): everything above plus onions, garlic, leeks, brussels sprouts, corn, cauliflower, celery.

We try to maintain variety in the shares each week; usually in the early season it’s a lot of greens, but by September you may find it hard to eat everything by the time the next pickup occurs!  Cost of the CSA share is $550.  Cash and check are the preferred forms of payment, but if you’d like to pay by Venmo we ask for an additional $20 to cover the fees charged to us by that service.  Full payment will secure your share for the season!  Thanks for taking part in the farm’s seasonality and success!
NEW FOR 2024 SEASON: for all CSA related inquiries, questions, etc, please email Jeremy at This is the new email address used to communicate about the CSA, as well as to receive the weekly email letting you know the shares are ready for pickup.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are always available for purchase at any amount. If you are interested in a CSA share, gift certificate or farm tour, please email