Fall goodies

post by: Debbie Fields October 16, 2010

We would like to invite our Farmer’s Market customers to come by the farm as we still have a variety of veggies available.  We will have an abundance of tomatoes for a couple more weeks including heirlooms, green zebras, yellow peach, romas and cherry tomatoes.  All for $3.00/halix.  There is plenty of greens including kales, collards, mizuna, all for $2.00/ bunch or bag.  Brussel sprouts for $2.00/bag or $3.00 on the stem.  Green peppers for .75 and carrots for $2.50/bunch.  Large garlic heads for $2.00 and bags of shallots for $3.00. As always eggs for $4.00.
Our new harvest shed is keeping the sun wind and rain off us.  Sometime this week we will get the gravel for the floor and have to move everything out for a few hours.  The stand continues to be self service but don’t hesitate to come get us or honk if you need assistance.