Farm News

post by: Debbie Fields August 16, 2013

Life never stays the same does it?  As many of you know we have been selling eggs with our friend Elena.  She has been accepted into nursing school(no small feat) and is decreasing her flock size, so we will only have our eggs to sell.  As we only have about 6 to 8 dozen eggs to sell a week, we would like to refer our eggs buyers  to the Locavor Store on NE 1st street behind Miller Lumber.   They are open Monday through Friday from noon to 6 pm.  They have a regular supply of local farm raised eggs.
At the farmstand we have 3 varieties of potatoes, onions, those big heads of garlic, carrots, beets, cabbage, brocolli, basil,cucumbers, 4 kinds of kale, swiss chard, green beans and walnuts.  We’re a bit shy of lettuce mix but more plantings are coming on next week.  Tomatoes and peppers will be on in September.  If you want Wild Rice, please ask for it.  We have trouble with mice if we leave it in the sales shed.  We are currently harvesting Monday through Thursday.  The stand is open 7 days a week daylight hours.  Come on by.