First Seeds

post by: Debbie Fields February 25, 2012

Yes the first seeds of the season have been planted!  We also popped a few more shallots and garlic in, as we are root people at heart.   Every February we spend two days at Brietenbush for the NW Farmer to Farmer Exchange, always a wonderful time for us to be with our farmer friends.   We brought home some fresh walnuts from our friend, Nick at Torland Orchards.  These are organiclly grown walnuts in the shell.  They are available in 1 lb bags at the stand for $4.50.  We are down to our last few weeks of onions and shallots.  Smaller heads of garlic are plentiful.  Eggs are generally available though we have a day now and then when we are out.  As the day length increases eggs will be more plentiful also.