Local Schools Scheduled to Visit the Farm!

post by: Debbie Fields March 28, 2010

Nothing like a nice spring week to get us thinking about gardening and the outdoors…only to be slapped with more snow and cold weather to remind us that winter is still here.  I hope everyone’s winter was restful, and in case you don’t remember me, it’s Jeremy from the Intern’s Insight blogs of last summer.  While I won’t be working at Fields Farm full time this year, I am staying involved, and this blog is to inform you about this spring’s Fields Farm school field trip season.  Ten area schools have signed up to come out to the farm in May and early June for a half day of touring the farm, meeting the farmers, and learning about where food comes from.  The available trip times filled up fast, and I think it is a testament to how much our teachers want to teach their students about food…thanks teachers!  Now, you might be wondering why I’m posting this blog on the website, and there are a few reasons:  1. If you come out to buy produce or eggs at the farm you may be there the same time as a field trip, so please drive slow and watch for kids, 2. Maybe you are interested in being involved with the field trips as a volunteer guide or by donating some materials!  As I began recruiting volunteers I thought, “what better group of people than those already on Fields Farm email list…they are probably passionate about educating others about food!”  The volunteer guide will be leading a small group of students to different stations around the farm, and leading a hands-on activity at each station.  If the thought of this is appealing to you, please read on!  If the thought of this scares you, don’t worry and please read on!  I am working hard to create a binder with enough information on agriculture, the farm, and how to teach the activities to make YOU an expert for the day.  The field trips are during ten days in May and one in early June, and are morning trips that last until noon.  This will be a wonderful chance for you to pass on your interest in food and agriculture to the next generation, so please consider taking a morning to be a volunteer guide for one of the field trips.  No teaching experience is necessary as there will be a volunteer guide training on a Saturday before the field trips begin.  And if you would like to support the field trips by material or financial donation, your support is greatly appreciated…the schools are nearly budget-less and yet these teachers are pulling together enough resources to get a bus for the day and come out to the farm!  Please contact me with any questions, and to sign up or donate…zorndylan@hotmail.com or 541-390-1558.  Looking forward to spring and seeing you out at Fields Farm!