Fall Harvest

post by: Debbie Fields November 11, 2019

Hi Folks,

Yes the Farmstand is open with 3 varieties of potatoes and 2 varieties of garlic. All potatoes are now only $1/lb. We'll make sure there are plenty of Red Chieftains for those Thanksgiving mashed potatoes or try a bowl of purples for a more colorful table. Come on by anytime during daylight hours.

What do you know

post by: Debbie Fields September 29, 2019

Well what do you know, now the weather is cold and it's soup and stew time, we have lettuce, tomato, peppers and corn in the farm stand. But don't worry 4 varieties of potatoes, garlic, onions and cabbage are available for those soups. Come on by any day during daylight hours.

What’s new at the Farmstand ?

post by: Debbie Fields September 14, 2019

We've got beans this week, green beans, purple beans and a beautiful heirloom Romano type, Dragon's Tongue. Lots of potatoes are coming out of the ground, yellows, reds, purples and a red fingerling. If you want a 20lb bag for $20 let us know ahead of time and we will have them packed with your name on them. Call or text to 541-382-8059 or email to fieldsfarmdeschutes@gmail.com

Colorful Veggies

post by: Debbie Fields September 2, 2019

The farm stand is full of colorful veggies including artichokes, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, celery,cucumbers, 3 varieties of garlic, red, yellow and blue potatoes. For something different try sunflower buds. We have 1 lb bags of Georgian Crystal and  Chesnock Red garlic for $10. Come on by during daylight hours.

Farmstand Full this Weekend!

post by: Debbie Fields August 9, 2019

Broccoili, cauliflower, cabbage, cucmbers, summer squash, 3 varieties of garlic, artichokes and a new item, sunflower buds are available. Come on by.

More Garlic Scapes

post by: Debbie Fields June 22, 2019

Hi folks, over the next 3 weeks we will have an abundance of garlic scapes. They an be made into pesto, pickled, bbq, sautéed, chopped and used raw in salads of all types and creative cooks can probably find other uses. There is large bunches available or in bulk at the Farmstand. 

Garlic scape season is here 

post by: Debbie Fields June 14, 2019

We have garlic scapes, green garlic, first cutting Asian greens mix and beautiful Solanova lettuces in the frig. Last week for tomato plants.

Gardening time

post by: Debbie Fields June 1, 2019

We've got plants! Every year we sell what is left of the vegetable starts that we use on the farm. They are all well adapted to our climate and have been outside for a couple weeks now. 

Varieties available include:

Tomatoes - Juliet, a small red with good flavor both fresh and cooked.

                        New Girl, an extra early variety, medium sized and prolific

                        Genuine, a large heirloom type

  Cucumber, market more slicing

Squash, summer zephyr and Raven zucchini


They are in front of the sales shed in a wagon. Prices $3 to $5

Fields Farmstand is opening!

post by: Debbie Fields May 31, 2019

The Farmstand is open from Thursday to Sunday during daylight hours. Rhubarb, green garlic, Arugula, Lettuce mix and beautiful heads of red lettuce are available.

Milkweed for Monarchs

post by: Debbie Fields April 2, 2019

In the summer of 2015 with the help of Central Oregon Monarch Watch, a group of wonderful volunteers cleared a weedy patch of ground next to our parking area and planted a Milkweed patch. That first year they grew to be about a foot tall, the second year to 3 feet tall and last summer they were 4 feet tall with a large set of seed pods. We saved that seed and have now done germination tests with over 80% successful germ. If you are interested in starting your own Monarch way station we have seed for sale now, $1 for 50 seeds or we will have plants available in June.  

Watching the butterflies come, for us was in June and July, is one of the pleasures of life. Increasing milkweed habitat can help increase the number of Monarchs.