Hey, we still have broccoli!

post by: Debbie Fields October 28, 2017

Hi Folks,

I have just filled the Farmstand with 3 varieties of potatoes, 2 of winter squash, carrots, leeks, red cabbage, beets, onions and broccoli. My apologies to all of you that I told we were out of broccoli. I went to the field and there is a fair amount of broccoli in nice condition. Come on by and check it out.

Farmer’s Markets are closed but our stand is open!

post by: Debbie Fields October 14, 2017

Hi Folks, the Farmer's Markets are closed for the season but our stand at the farm is open. I have just filled it with carrots, broccoli, cabbage, beets, leeks, scallions, Asian greens, kales, onions and potatoes. Come on by.

Fall Harvest

post by: Debbie Fields October 9, 2017

The Farmstand is packed with potatoes, onion, garlic, carrots, beets, cabbage, leeks and celeriac. Sounds like soup.

For the next week or so we will have bundles of corn stocks for your fall decorations for $5.

Veggies are available 

post by: Debbie Fields September 3, 2017

A good variety of veggies are available at the Farmstand. Unfortunately the farm phone is going to be down for about 2 weeks. Please contact us by email or come by in person.

This week at the Farmstand

post by: Debbie Fields August 28, 2017

We have a full frig of just about everything we grow and eggs. Lots of  specialty beans, broccoli, sweet peppers and all colors of potatoes. Come on by!

Eclipse weekend

post by: Debbie Fields August 20, 2017

There's no traffic here and we have a full refrigerator. There are new potatoes, cauliflower(including romanesco),  broccoli, cabbage, artichokes, celery, fennel, edible pod peas, beans, carrots, beets, cucumbers(including ample quantities of picklers), summer squash, onions and garlic. Fresh eggs are also available. Come on by.

End of July at the Farmstand

post by: Debbie Fields July 30, 2017

There's carrots, beets, cucumbers, summer squash, greens of many varieties, eggs, celery harvest has began and loads of basil.

For the next 3 days we will offer 1 lb bags of basil for pesto or whatever your basil desires are for $12. Email or leave a message on the phone and we'll make sure it's waiting for you. 541-382-8059

This week at the Farmstand 

post by: Debbie Fields July 6, 2017

We have lettuce mix, 3 kinds of kale, Swiss chard, carrots, beets, basil, cilantro, yellow and green zucchini and we're getting a dozen eggs every other day from our hens. Come on by.

This week at the farmstand

post by: Debbie Fields June 24, 2017

We have our traditional lettuce mix and a new mix called Solanova, elegant greens mix, all kinds of kale, collards,scallions, Swiss chard, carrots, cilantro, mint as well as raspberry plants, squash and cucumber starts for your garden. There is a good supply of eggs this week. Come on by.

What’s in the frig this week

post by: Debbie Fields June 9, 2017

We have carrots, beets,kale, Swiss chard, elegance greens, lettuce mix, arugula and several dozen eggs from our friend Steve. We also have some raspberry plants, tomato plants, squash and cucumber starts. Come on by.