Pics of Jim Leading the Charge at March Against Monsanto

post by: Debbie Fields May 26, 2013

In the biggest protest Bend has seen since the days of Occupy, Jim kicked off the March Against Monsanto Rally speaking to the 300+ people crowd about the history of the Monsanto Corporation and the insidious chemicals they have developed, starting with saccharine.  He then spoke about how about how to get involved in the antidote to Monsanto’s disease, the local food movement.  After a talk by local dairy farmer, Billie Johnson, the crowd marched through and around downtown.  There were colorful signs and costumes.  Millions of people participated in Cites across the world, including a reported 6000 in Portland.  More info on the local event here and here is a youtube video
Photo Our hard-working local farmer giving a detailed comparison between Big Ag and local organic farming.