Spring Greens!

post by: Debbie Fields April 15, 2014

After several months of root vegetables we are just craving greens. There is nothing better than the first harvest of greens in spring.  They are the sweetest and most tender of the season. We’ve had salads twice a day for the last few days. Yesterday we got the wash station cleaned and ready for harvest.  We delivered a nice bunch of lettuce mix, spring greens braising mix and arugula to Locavore and the Farm Stand refrigerator is full too.  Eggs and Wild Rice are also available.  Please excuse the construction materials still in the Farm Stand shed, we’ll be moving those out over the next week.  Please come help yourself or if it’s your first time here feel free to give a honk and we’ll come help you.  This is the earliest harvest we have experienced in our 25 years on the farm, enjoy the bounty.
Debbie, Jim and Brian