What’s Available

post by: Debbie Fields November 29, 2009

We’ve got fresh eggs, including some delectable turkey eggs.  Potato varieties for this week include Red Norlands, All Blues, Colorado Rose and Russian
Banana Fingerlings.  Mild red and yellow onions as well as shallots are also available.  My brother brought a fresh supply of Wild Rice at Thanksgiving.
Wild Rice is available in 8oz bag for $3.50
                                         2 lb bag for $13.00
                                         5 lb bag for $30.00

Fresh Free Range Eggs

post by: Debbie Fields September 22, 2009

We have an abundant supply of delicious fresh free range eggs.  Chickens that get to scratch in the dirt, eat bugs and greens lay eggs with beautiful deep orange yolks and are much more flavorful that caged chicken eggs.  See also the previous produce list.