Fieldtrips Slideshow

post by: Debbie Fields May 21, 2010

A slideshow of fieldtrip photos is now up on the Fields Farm website at:

Parents, teachers, volunteers and whoever took photos–there were many of you–are encouraged to add their photos to the flickr Fields Farm fieldtrip group at:

Your photos will then show up in the slideshow.  Details on how to add your photos are at the first link above.

Listen to Fields Farm’s Jeremy from a KPOV interview

post by: Debbie Fields May 16, 2010

As last years intern at Fields Farm, you may know Jeremy from the farm or Farmer’s Market.  This year he is staying involved with Fields Farm by  putting together the educational program that is bringing hundreds of school children to Fields Farm for fieldtrips.He was interviewed recently on the KPOV show Radio Airstream about the program and about his experience working at Fields Farm.  KPOV graciously provided us with a copy for your listening convenience. JeremyFox.kpov.interview.mp3Support KPOV

Support KPOV!

Hundreds of Schoolchildren visit Fields Farm

post by: Debbie Fields May 12, 2010

Fields Farm field trips
Jeremy introduces the kids to a real farmer-JimIn a program created and run by last years Field’s Farm intern Jeremy Fox, hundreds of Central Oregon kindergarten through 6th graders are visiting Fields Farm on educational field trips.  The visits started Monday and will continue through the next 3 weeks. Fields Farm field trips
Feeding the goatsVolunteers are guiding the kids to various areas of the farm where they learn about field plantings, greenhouses, irrigation, livestock at the farm (goats and chickens), bees and compost.  They also get their hands on some farm tools and get to plant some seeds, which they get to take back to school and watch grow.  How the natural ecosystem interacts with the farm is also pointed out.  So far the kids are having a great time, while they learn something too.If visiting the farm over the over this time period, before 1 pm, you can expect children running around, school buses and other traffic, so please be cautious.