Thank you, Thank you and other farm updates

post by: Debbie Fields April 15, 2022

Hi Folks,

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new farm stand refrigerator! For all who donated to the new refrigerator fund we thank you so much. It is an awesome group of people who come to our farm. We have moved things around in the stand to accommodate the new refrigerator. Give us a week and we’ll have everything in its place. In the meantime the egg supply is good and we have some carrots for sale also. Plant sales will begin as the weather warms up. Currently we have raspberry and cherry tomato starts available. This cold snap has slowed our greens down but hopefully with warmer weather they’ll be ready in 3 or 4 weeks.

In the big wind the plastic, which was getting old blew off the big greenhouse. We’ve invested in a new bubble type plastic which is more wind resistant and should last 10 years. You may see Jim and Jeremy up on ladders putting it on in the next couple weeks.

Happy spring, it is coming!