The Summer Routine

post by: Debbie Fields July 16, 2009

We are getting into a routine now for summer.
We’re finding that Monday is a project day and we start harvesting for the week on Tuesday.  The Frig is packed Tuesday by noon and veggies are available through Saturday.  Sometimes things are still available Sunday but no harvesting is done the day.  We’re having a higher demand for eggs than we can provide so we’re asking you to limit eggs to 1 to 2 dozen a visit.
Thank you for understanding we want everyone to be happy.We are harvesting our first potatoes and raspberries of the season, last week for kohlrabi.
Potatoes – $3.00/bag
Fingerlings – $4.00/bag
Raspberries – $3.00/boxKale – $2.00Lettuce mix – $4.00Scallions – $2.00/bunchKohlrabi $2.00each
Summer squash and broccoli start next week.