Veggies, Eggs and Art

post by: Debbie Fields August 4, 2012

July was a busy month for the farm and the farmers.  After a week of furious tiding up we immensely enjoyed  the Farm to Fork dinner on July 21st.  Our guests were delightful, Matt from Farmto Fork Events, TR and Jen from Jen’s Garden in Sisters and the crew created a delicous meal from local foods and ran the event smoothly from start to finish.  The next morning we left for our annual family camping trip with extended family for several days. Whew!  We’re still working on catching up.
Veggies… We harvested the lovely large Georgian Crystal garlic yesterday and this morning.  It is for sale at the Farmer’s market and here at the farm, as well as CSA and small bag customers will see it in the bags.  Other veggies coming on this month include cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, multiple varieties of summer squash, 3 varieties of potatoes,  cucumbers, carrots and beets.  Kale and Swiss Chard continue to be abundant.  Lettuces are growing slowly but should be back later in August.  Beans, onions, peppers and tomotoes will come on in 2 to 4 weeks.  We are packing a couple extra small bags on Thursday.  If you have thought about trying a small bag out for $12 but forget to order, come by the next 2 weeks and we’ll have extra packed in a large white labeled cooler.
Eggs…our egg supply has been low partially because hens have a molt time in the summer and slow down laying but also homegrown eggs are in tremendous demand.  Currently our friend Elena brings eggs from her home flock on Wednesday, so our best supply is Wed. to Sat.  By the end of August our replacement chicks  should start laying and supplies will improve.   Due increasing grain peices we are having to price eggs at $4,50/dz.
Art… After we had the sales shed built Jim had the idea to dislpay art on the walls.  Now the shed is tidied up we have our first artist, Rory Running.  Rory is our neice and is currently doing a year of service as a Americore volunteer in Belgrade, Montana.  She has created several prints from her original art work for very reasonable prices.  if you see something you’re interested in you can remove it from the walls and put your payment in the basket below the display.  Or give a honk of your horn and we’ll come help you.  Rory’s work will be on display for two months.  After that if any of you have art you would like to display at the farm let us know.