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post by: Debbie Fields April 27, 2014

Now we know it’s been a bit chilly these last few days, but spring is here and the days will be warming and that means planting time.  Brian enthusiastically planted us enough squash for the entire town of Bend and we had excellent germination on our tomato plants.  so starting this week we will have 9 varieties of tomato plants and 7 varieties of squash(a combination of summer and winter) for sale at the farm stand.  Several varieties are suitable for container gardening and all can stay in their pots for 2 to 3 weeks as we wait for the weather to warm.  They are $3.50 each.
Lettuce mix, Elegant greens mix, Spinach and Arugula as well as eggs and wild rice  are for sale in the grey refrigerator.  Come on by and help yourself.