Winter’s Quiet

post by: Debbie Fields November 30, 2012

Winter is coming to the farm.  Farmer’s Market, the CSA and FarmtoWork programs have finished for the year.  Our lives are quieter with much needed time to rest, finish projects set aside during the summer, read and drink good coffee.  However with our so far mild winter, remnants of summer remain.  Our on farm sales shed still has 2 varietes of potatoes, onions, 2 varieties of beets, carrots, wild rice, walnuts and even some kale and arugula.  We have eggs available though occasionally we run out for a day or two.  Due to the high cost of feed we are having to raise the price of eggs to $4.75/dozen.  Due to the drought in the midwest, grain supplies are tighter and even our locally produced grains are higher in price.
Have a peaceful winter
Debbie and Jim